Black Alloy Wheels has a huge selection of black wheels. Be it Gloss Black, Matt Black or Black Polished you can be sure we will the perfect set of black rims for your vehicle.
Black Alloy Wheels have become incredibly popular, to the point that many new vehicles are coming out of the factory with a set of black wheels fitted as standard. There is good reason for the popularity, as they do look superb on a variety of coloured vehicles and can really set a vehicle apart from the crowd.

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renault talisman fitted with black wheels
drehen dh-a matt black wheel

Different Finishes

There are many finishes that can be made to a black alloy wheel, to really make them unique, below are some examples of the different finishes of black wheels available:

gloss black alloy wheel

Gloss Black

(Calibre T-Sport)

The original finish of a black wheel. Striking gloss black wheels really make a statement. Look great on white cars and keep that great look across all wheel styles, from five spoke to multi spoke, gloss black wheels just look great.
matt black alloy wheel

Matt Black

(Calibre Exile-R)

Matt black rims are great for that subtly but superb look. Oozing class and sophistication they can really made a car look great but at the same time keeping sensible feel.
black polished alloy wheel

Black Polished

(Calibre Odyssey)

Black polished wheels are a great way to give some balance to the wheels on your car. Black wheels can sometimes get a little lost against a black tyre but with a black polished wheel you are giving real definition to the wheel. Not to mention they look fantastic and classy at the same time.
black alloy wheel

Black Coloured

(Calibre Friction)

Black alloy wheels with a touch of colour are the ultimate way to make your car stand out. On you can find Black Red Wheels, Black Blue Wheels, Black Yellow wheels so you will be able to find that perfect colour to suit your car's style.

Huge Selection of Black Rims

At our selection of black wheels is huge! See some examples below! (Keep refreshing the page to see new wheels!)

Munichblack wheels Wolfrace Eurosport
Gridblack wheels Rota
Originblack wheels Wolfhart
Edition 2black wheels 1Form
Edition 2
VSTblack wheels Bola
Ikenublack wheels Alutec
EX15black wheels Axe
Explore 2black wheels Wolfrace Explorer
Explore 2
EX34black wheels Axe
B18black wheels Bola
Rebel D681black wheels Fuel
Rebel D681
B11black wheels Bola